High tech for expansion Beekenkamp Plants, The Netherlands

beekenkamp-md1Beekenkamp Plants is a renowned company focusing on the cultivation of young vegetable plants. For their new production greenhouses, Enthoven Techniek (part of Patron Agri Systems Group) is responsible for the water technology, electrical – and lighting installations. In two phases nine hectares will be developed.

Plants are cultivated on ebb / flow floors with overhead irrigation. Pipework construction consists of about 63 kilometres PVC pipe, used both underground and above the ground. For optimal recycling possibilities the drain and rainwater will be disinfected with Apollo low pressure UV disinfectors .

The state of the art lighting installation consists of 4,500 light fixtures connected to 32 growing light panels.

Enthoven Technology is proud to contribute to the perfect expansion for Beekenkamp in order to start new plant cultivation in October.